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USAVE Phone Repair, Certified Technicians You Can Trust


At USAVE, we have a combined 60 years of experience in the wireless industry and a combined 30 years of experience servicing and repairing phones. We take pride in our quality of work in repairing wireless devices. With our experience and expertise, we fill the void that is being left in the repair industry – a void where mediocre customer service and low-quality cellular repair work has become the norm. USAVE phone repair was founded on the belief that the phone repair service industry can be better. The customer can be treated better, given better quality work and it can all be done at a fair price.


The founders of USAVE have spent over 25 years in the wireless industry as owners, leaders and master repair technicians. With this knowledge, they knew that customers deserved the best for their wireless devices. Customers don’t deserve to be ushered through a retail store without care. Customers don’t deserve to get unacceptable service with unacceptable parts and repairs. Customers deserve the best in service and quality when it comes to their devices and that is exactly what USAVE strives to deliver day in and day out!

By Brands


USAVE certified phone technicians repair all brands to include and not be limited to: